Types of bricks and their sizes

Literally everything is different:

  • dimensions;
  • manufacturing technology;
  • strength and other performance characteristics.

We will try to briefly understand the varieties of modern brick, their size and scope.


To begin with, let’s talk about manufacturing technologies, because they largely determine the size of the brick. There are two technologies that make this material:

  1. method of plastic molding – is that the clay mass with a moisture content of 17 to 30% is squeezed out of the tape press and fired;
  2. According to the second technology, the humidity is 8 – 10%, the brick is also squeezed out of a clay press.

The size of a standard brick is specified in GOST, DSTU and other technical documents for the construction field. This parameter depends on the type of brick and the main purpose. Therefore, briefly consider the main categories and size of the brick in accordance with GOST in each case.